A central New York native, I found my passion for drawing at an early age. Often facing administrative admonishment for drawing on everything from lunch tables to spelling tests, I defied authority to scribble up as many sick ogres, vicious insect creatures, and dope wizards as I could. Throughout my public school internment I elected to take as many art classes as possible. However, times were tough back then and I was forced to work in the food service mines while I attended middle/high school. During this time I found myself lost in a haze of fryer oil and mashed potatoes well into my mid twenties. But one day, the tat Gods deemed me worthy enough to begin my ascent (or descent depending on how you look at it) into tattooing and shown the light upon my meager soul. For the past five years I’ve been honing my repertoire in multiple styles such as Ameican Traditional, Black and Grey, Illustrative, Fine-line and Script. I’m currently seeking to cultivate a style of my own. Harking back to my boyhood passions, I seek to combine fantasy/sci-fi illustration with fundamental tattooing to create fresh ideas and imaginative imagery.

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